Personal, Career, and Business Results Coaching

Chris Cantilena, MD, MMM

What will I get out of working with a Coach?

In just a few weeks you will find yourself being much clearer about what you want and how to get it. You will experience feeling heard by someone who is fully present to you and aligned with your plans. You will see and consider options that had not appeared to you previously and you will be challenged to give your best on your own behalf. You will have a plan of action to deal with opportunities and obstacles as they arise.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is built on a synthesis of some of the best principles of psychology, business, leadership theory, philosophy, spirituality, and finance. Just as a tennis Coach helps you perfect your tennis game, a personal and business Coach helps you perfect the game of life and business. He works one-on-one with you and is by your side as you design and implement changes that can get you what you want faster, with less effort, and more economically than you ever thought possible.

Who works with a Coach? What do they work on?

Almost anyone can benefit from Coaching, and most Coaches work (or have worked) with a Coach of their own. Coaching relationships often begin around moments of transition in a person's life such as a job change, opening a business, or retiring. Clients are often seeking to:
          .improve their communication skills
          .turn ideas into action with an accountability partner
          .develop greater clarity and focus
          .become more proactive instead of reactive
          .find and act on their life's purpose
          .become better at self-care 

How does this differ from psychotherapy?

A therapist addresses pathology and the assumption is that something is wrong that needs to be fixed. Often the focus is heavily on the past with less attention given to the present and future. In a Coaching relationship, the client is healthy and forms a strategic partnership with the Coach to design and implement a compelling future, overcome obstacles, and take advantage of opportunities.

How do I get started?

Check out my Contact page. You can call or e-mail me, or simply fill out the contact form and let me know you want to find out more. I'll get back to you to set up a free 30 minute call where we can discuss an issue of your choice and explore the possibility of working together.

Where do we meet?

Like most Coaches, I work primarily over the phone via a toll-free number. This keeps my expenses (and fees) low and enables me to work with clients from anywhere in the world. It also allows you to avoid travel and use maximum time to engage in designing and living your life. Video conferencing over Skype is also available and a nice way to go. If you live in the Palm Springs area and have a need to meet in person occasionally, I can work with you to find a mutually agreeable location. 

How much does this cost?

The first call is free, and there's no obligation to continue.

If you decide to continue, I charge a monthly retainer that includes a set number of calls each month and unlimited e-mail contact if you need some additional help. I require a three month initial commitment, can cancel anytime during the first month with a full refund.

Considering all the things you're probably spending money on, how much is the rest of your life...or your business...worth to you? I'm not trying to be coy here, but it really is about an investment in yourself and the initial call will help you experience that. We'll discuss specific dollar amounts toward the end of that call.