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Consider for a moment that the word "doctor" actually comes from the Latin word "educare" teach. In the ancient world, doctors were teachers (and frequently slaves). They were there to share with the public what (little) they knew about the human body and disease and frequently there was little more to be done. Fortunately, we have much greater knowledge and better tools at our disposal in the 21st Century; and I have been privileged to save and improve lives in ways my professional ancestors never dreamed of. About half of all Classical Romans died before the age of 10; although if you survived that long you could expect to make it roughly another 35-40 years. Life expectancy in the United States today is about 30 years longer than that; but that's an average and as an anesthesiologist, I have taken many patients to surgery in their 80's and 90's...and a handful in triple digits.

What are we doing with all those extra years? Do the "mass of men"--as Thoreau suggested--"lead lives of quiet desperation"?  Why do so many of us fail to reach our goals? Are those people who truly excel in life somehow different, or just lucky? And what about those few winners who seem to have it all and throw it away on drugs, scandal, or suicide? 

 I became a Coach because I believe:

          1. That each of us owes it to ourself to live a life of meaning and joy 

          2. That we do best for our family, friends, and communities when we become the person we were truly meant to be

          3. That the world is an abundant place full of possibility 

          4. That our experience of being human sometimes conditions us to settle for less

          5. That everyone deserves an objective partner to help them take advantage of opportunities and WIN at the game of life!

Money, health, career, relationships, or simply balancing all those things...what would YOU work on with a Coach?

In my own life,  some of the roles I have played are: Business and Personal Coach, Husband, Father, Physician, Chairman of Surgery, Chief of Anesthesia, Master of Medical Management, US Navy Medical Officer, Italian-American, New Yorker, Chicagoan, Southern Californian, Catholic Seminarian, Student of Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology, Mental Health Worker.

My journey's been fun so far, and I feel like I'm just beginning. Helping you to be the person you were meant to be brings meaning and joy to MY life.

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