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You are exceptional. Maybe you are a successful executive, healthcare professional, attorney, entrepreneur, or homemaker. Maybe you're on your way to being one of those things or you are about to retire and wondering what comes next. As your Coach, I'll accompany you on the journey, help you explore options, develop a plan of attack, and keep you on target.

Most people have had the experience of getting in the car and driving...but not remembering how they got to where they ended up. Sometimes we live our lives that way too...getting caught up in circumstance, and having our attention diverted by what matters to others. Start putting your attention on the things that matter to you; it's your life that's at stake!

Live your life by design

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I partner with healthcare and legal professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and other successful people who want to achieve more, maximize their income, and lead balanced, fulfilling lives. Whether at work or at play, my clients enjoy themselves because they have designed their lives around the things they value the most.

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